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From Russia With Love (USA) NO UMD FiX

Uploaded by CJPC - 04-05-2006

This is a simple NO UMD FiX by Reborn:

1) Extract From_Russia_With_Love_USA_PSP-DMU to a folder on your PC using iSOBuster or similar utility.

2) From your original PSP_GAME folder move all of the files/folders (*EXCEPT for the SYSDIR/BOOT.BIN file*) to the JBRUSSIA folder from this pack.

NOTE: The reason you don't move the BOOT.BIN file is because a patched one is already included in this pack.

3) Now follow the instructions as normal from the included NFO file:

Copy all folders contained in this release to the root of your memory stick.

Now boot using RunUMD.

NOTE: Although this is labeled a "NO UMD" release, that just means you don't need the actual FRWL UMD in the drive to play the game, however, you will need a UMD in the drive to run it (any UMD game should work).