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Gradius Portable (JAP) NO UMD FiX

Uploaded by CJPC - 04-01-2006

This is a simple NO UMD FiX:

1) Extract Gradius_Portable_JAP_PSP-DMU to a folder on your PC using iSOBuster or similar utility.


IMPORTANT: This FiX is different than any others thus far, so before you proceed below please do the following: The g1.bin, g2.bin, g3.bin, g4.bin, gd.bin, and menu.bin files in your original PSP_GAME\USRDIR need to get patched using the included ppf-o-matic3.exe patcher. Open each one with the patcher in Windows, and patch it as follows in the patcher:

Click on the disk icon across from 'ISO File' and navigate to your original g1.bin file. Then click on the disk icon across from 'Patch' and navigate to the included g1_bin.ppf file.

Click Apply, and you should see "Patch successfully applied, burn image to CD now!"

Click OK, and repeat the process for the g2.bin and menu.bin files using their respective patch files included. Once all six of the .bin files are patched, move them all to the included gradiwsp\USRDIR folder and continue below.


2) From your original PSP_GAME folder move ICON0.PNG, PARAM.SFO, PIC1.PNG to the gradiwsp folder from this pack.

3) Next, from your original PSP_GAME folder move the files/folders (*EXCEPT for the modules folder and the original g1.bin, g2.bin, g3.bin, g4.bin, gd.bin, and menu.bin files*) in the USRDIR folder to the gradiwsp\USRDIR folder from this pack.

NOTE: You should NOT move the original modules folder over as this pack already contains a FiXed modules folder.

4) Now follow the instructions as normal:

Put the 3 folders to memstick and start runumd ....

Now boot using RunUMD.

NOTE: Although this is labeled a "NO UMD" release, that just means you don't need the actual GP UMD in the drive to play the game, however, you will need a UMD in the drive to run it (any UMD game should work).