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LUA Ys-OS v1.0 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-29-2006

Yossi Starz has released his LUA Ys-OS version 1.0. Ys-OS is the first multi-processing shell written in Lua scripting language. Basically, that means you can run multiple programs on it at the same time. Here is the description of this version:

First release YS OS public version 1.0.


Paint program.
Debug console.
Sample GUI program.
Stars program.
PNG Viewer (no more then 512X512).
File explorer
Basic menus on PNG Viewer.
Basic start menu.

How to use

In order to move the mouse use the analog stick or the d-pad for slower movement.
In the file browser use the L and R keys in order to Scroll the files.
In the Image viewer use the Circle button to get into a menu in order to set backgrounds.
X - left Mouse button key.
O - Right Mouse button key.
To load files press one click on the icon.

You will need Lua Player to run this game on your PSP. The ys-os is Lua script shell. It's built like the windows in order to give the best comfort in using Multiprocessing at the same time.

So what this shell can do:

1.Supports Multiprocessing.
2.Have basic gui as window,button etc.
3.Have file browser (basic only to see files and load png and lua files)
4.Have debug console for developers.
5.Basic paint program.
6.Can set backgrounds.
7.Image Viewer loads only png 512X512.

For now thats all.

I hope that this will be more usefull in the future.

If ther's some one that wont to develop a program to the ys-os
i hope to releass soon a document that will explain all the objects
and the basic rules to develop to the ys-os.

I hope that as more pepole will make usefull programs to the ys-os this
shell will become more usefull.

Left mouse button : X
Right mouse button : O


How to set backgrounds?
- load image using the image viewer and press right mouse button then press set background.

Why the LUA file is not working and i get error?
- The ys-os can load lua's that was build for it. it can load other lua but the file will have the current
location of the ys-os and not the current file location mostly for loading images.

Why i can't load image?
- Chack that the image is png and the size is max 512X512.