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OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe) RC4 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-28-2006

A new version of OpenTTD for PSP has been released, it includes wireless play, some bugfixes and a cheats window. Here is the list containing changes:

* Network game window resized
* Language packs issues fixed (thanks to Sharkus for the patch)
* Directory navigation root path fixed
* Added retry timeout when connecting to wireless network
* Network button disabled when network not available
* CPU speed changes automatically to 333 Mhz when joining network game
* Cheat window support added (thanks to RacerII for the patch)
* Free space display fixed (thanks to Silentdragon for the patch)
* Added DHCP support (thanks to Silentdragon for the patch)
* Code updated to 0.4.5 version
* Multiplayer game enabled
* Messages added when changing cpu speed

There are 2 different builds included, the ones with -wireless tag are wireless enabled builds. Note wireless is not suported on Firmwares greater than 2.00.

Remember there are two servers dedicated for PSP players:

* OpenTTD for PSP players Europe
* OpenTTD for PSP players USA

Thanks to all the contributors. For next release I will update 0.4.5 code to 0.4.7 if I have some spare time.

OpenTTD is a clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", a popular
game originally written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game
as closely as possible while extending it with new features.

OpenTTD is originaly developed by the openttd team and has been ported to the PSP
by Jaime Penalba. This code is licensed under the GNU General Public License
version 2.0. For more information, see the file 'COPYING' included with every
release and source download of the game.


To run OpenTTD it is *required* that you install certain files needed from the
original retail Transport Tycoon Deluxe, whether for DOS or Windows.

NOTE FOR 2.00 USERS: Tiff exploit will work for wireless game but it wont
save/load, use GTA Loader instead.

1.- Depending on your fw version, you must use a diferent openttd package
- FW 1.50 users must use openttd-psp_1.50
- FW 1.00 & 2.00 users must use openttd-psp_1.00_2.00

2.- Uncompress your matching package and copy the following files
- FW 1.50: copy "ottd/" and "ottd%/" folders to "/PSP/GAME"
- FW 1.00 & 2.00: copy "ottd/" folder to "/PSP/GAME"

3.- Now you must install some data files from the retail Transport Tycoon Deluxe
To install them you must copy the following files to "/PSP/GAME/ottd/data/"


- Digital pad: 1px movement
- Analog stick: 2px movement

- Cross: mouse left click
- Circle: mouse right click, hold it and press pad to move arround the map.
- Square: hold it and press pad or analog, to move a window.
- Triangle: Closes the window under mouse cursor.

- Cross + Square: ctrl + click, used for presignals

- L trigger: Zoom out
- R trigger: Zoom in

- L trigger + R trigger: Delete all non vital windows

- Start + L trigger: Change to lower system frequency
- Start + R trigger: Change to upper system frequency

- Select + pad Up: Shows the cheats window
- Select + pad Down: Takes a screenshot