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Lua PSP Guitar v0.2

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-26-2006

Sousanator has release v0.2 of his PSP Guitar Lua application. PSP Guitar is a guitar simulator for the PSP with somewhat basic controls. There are many options and guitars to use in this new version, making it much more versatile than before. When playing the game, you will find that there is no longer an on-screen guitar to guide you, just the words: PSP Guitar. There is a rather large change log from the previous version which includes:

- newer, better, and more sounds
- new menu, start screen with sounds
- 3 new guitar types
- added a normal holding mode
- new contol system, high sounds down, low sounds up
- multi-info page
- new backgrounds
- fixed PSP Tune EBOOT to be PSP Guitar

Thanks to pauldude550, for all the sounds and help, and thanks to all the guides out there. credit to LUKE for the guitar icon. I've included the EBOOTs for 1.0/1.5 users.
If you have a higher firmware delete the EBOOTs, and place in the Lua applications folder. Then rename script.lua to index.lua, and load it from Lua Player.

PSP Guitar is a Guitar Similater, for the PSP. There are 3 modes available:


Electric Guitar has sounds with 3 modes within. Regular mode, Chord Mode and PalmMute mode. Regular mode give you a distortion type sound, Chord mode gives you some crazy cool sounds, and PalmMute give you a very short sound.

Acoustic Guitar has the basic wooden guitar sounds.

Banjo has 4 banjo sounds.

There are also 2 types of control methods:

Guitar Mode
Normal Mode

In Guitar Mode, you hold it on an angle with your left hand, with your two fingers over the Start and Select buttons, and thumb over the R button. With your other hand's thumb you flick the Analog stick like Guitar stings.

In Normal mode, you hold it properly, each button making a different sound.


see info pages in the bgs folder
every mode is different, but around the same thing.

Lower pitch sounds play when you flick the analog stick up(guitar mode),
or on the left side of the psp(normal mode)

Higher pitch sounds are played when you flick the analog stick down(guitar mode),
or on the right side of the psp(normal mode)

Future Plans:

-Visulizer Effect
-Loadable mods
-Record Mode and play mode (txt files)
-Change of controls (if requested)?
-anything else??