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Zookeeper v1.02 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-25-2006

Orbpig has released Zookeeper v1.02 for PSP. Zookeeper for PSP is a PSP clone of the Flash game "Zookeeper". Your target in this game is to move blocks around, and try to put 3 or more blocks with the same icon on it in to the same line (vertical or horizontal) to clear them. Here are more details:


Circle: Select a block but don't swap
Cross: Select a block an swap it with an adjacent one
Select: Take a screenshots. The file will be saved in the root directory of the memory stick

Start: Pause/resume in the middle of the game
L/R: Previous/next MP3 track


Game time bonus when clearing a block.
Fixed a memory leakage when loaded a WAV file.

Game time shortened for each stage.
Added the total stage count.
Fixed a bug that the remaining game time decreases even when you paused the game.

Initial version.