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PSPWbook For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-24-2006

gzalomoscoso has released a new application that will allow you to convert E-Books into HTML format. This tool runs on the PC and will convert an E-Book file (or any text file) into a readable, HTML format for the PSP's Web browser. This program will come in handy for those who wish to view books on their PSP, but do not have the liberty of PSP homebrew. The application has two languages displayed on it, Spanish and English. To operate this program:

1) Open up the folder in which your E-Book is stored and open it (Copy all the text to the Clipboard)
2) Execute the PSPWBook file
3) When opened, click the "Paste" icon (O button normally) on the pictured PSP.
4) Enter the name of the output file (default is Libro)
5) Select the Output directory
6) If you wish to split the file, select how many pages you wish to split it into.
7) Click the Green Arrow (X button normally) on the PSP

After doing that, your default browser should open up the file and display it. You can now move the file to the designated area and open it up in your browser. I would suggest placing it in the : pspcommonebook folder, this way you can stay organized (Just type in the directory in the address entry on your browser). Once you have it opened, you can easily save it to your bookmarks/favorites and save it for a later date!