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Ace Dictionary v1.00 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-22-2006

Xwh1225 has released Ace Dictionary v1.00 for PSP. Here is the control scheme:

In look-up mode:

Circle: next word
Square: previous word
Cross: page down in the current word entry
Triangle: page up in the current word entry
R: jump to the next tagged word
L: jump to the previous tagged word
Select: tag a word
Start: take screenshot. The file will be saved in ms0:/snap.bmp
Analog stick: enter input mode

In input mode:

Analog stick: select letter group
L/R: select a letter in the selected group
Up/Down: scroll in the word list
Circle: enter a letter
Square: delete a letter
Cross: return to look-up mode
You can change the background with your own picture. The picture must be a BMP in 480*272@24 bit color, in the same directory with the EBOOT file. Otherwise the program will not function.