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Lua Pointless Tormenting v2.0 BETA For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-21-2006

Hooger has updated his Pointless Tormentor to version 2.0 today. This is a mini game that you can press a button to offer some pain to the characters on the screen. In this version you can even change characters and hear some soundFX. Here are some more details about this release:

Mostly every update from now will add at least 1 or more character. VERY special thanks to GrimFate126! Without him this would not of happened. The first character is you know it the stick figure dude. but the other two characters will remain a mystery until you try it out (Unless you wanna spoil it for yourself just copy it into your application folder).

To install:

Place folder in Luaplayer<Applications

Start it up and select the right script!


LEFT = Torment
RIGHT = Torment
UP = Torment
DOWN = Torment

TRIANGLE = Torment
SQUARE = Torment
CIRCLE = Torment
CROSS = Torment

"L" Trigger = Change character
"R" Trigger = Nothing (maybe next release)