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Skater Maze v0.1 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-08-2006

You are skateboarding through along a path, minding
your own business, when you suddenly find that you're
being chased, by two mindless thugs from the other
gang. Your only hope is to collect enough coins to
take the bus home. Can you do it?

The levels are cleared when you collect 25 treasures.
Coming within arm's reach of the thugs means you have
to start that level over from scratch. Sometimes you
need to dig to get to a coin, so use X to make the
path clear -- but be careful the thugs can use the
open paths too.

Based on a game idea "SuperChase" by Annthony Godshall
from the book "Compute!'s First Book of TI Games".

Sound effects by meanrabbit.

Music is licensed under Creative Commons by Saga Musix


Included is the install folder for PSP (2.0+ or 1.0 --
if you use 1.5 you'll need to add a % folder, I'd guess)

Also included is a Win32 folder for Windows users out there.
You'll need to gather up all of the .WAV .IT and .BMP files
into the same directory to get it to work.

It should compile cleanly for pretty well any SDL + SDL_mixer