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Open Gladiator RPG v0.98 r1 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-08-2006

Well, I think that there is some interest in RPGs on the PSP. But while we wait for a from-scratch RPG, I thought I'd surf around and find a finished one to port over. Well, here is my first release of the Open Gladiator RPG which was formerly a commercial game, and in the last four years has become a credible GPLed game for SDL.

The PSP version is compatible with the PC game saves, and you can do almost anything in the PSP port except type in custom names for characters/game saves. Try it out and tell me what you think. I'm a 2.6 PSP user, so info on compatibility with 1.5 is always of interest.

This is a Gauntlet game that was originally commercial back in the mid-nintys
and has since been GPLed, and ported to SDL. Since it was a DOS game
originally, it was pretty straight forward to make it perform and fit in the
PSP. Thanks to the great coders from openglad for a solid base to build on.
Currently I've only ported the game engine, but there is also a level editor
that could be made available on the PSP, if there are requests. Either way
it is 100% compatible with PC levels, and game saves.

This release works pretty well, allowing most important key entry and mouse
movements via the analog stick plus buttons. Play it a bit, and tell me if
you agree. The bigest missing thing is the faded in/out title pages. I
think that is a SDL feature that is missing. I'll work to get this added
to SDL for PSP, and then you'll be able to see all of the title slides.


I use a 2.6 PSP, so I'm not sure about KXploit, but I do know that
graphics, music, and game play all work on 2.6 using the GTA Loader.
To install, just copy the psp folder to the root of your
memory stick. Make sure that the empty psp/game/openglad/pix and
psp/game/openglad/scen folders exist. The GTA Loader complains about
a suspecious hardcoded path. It looks for the config file in four
spots, and the hardcoded path is just one of them. I may disable that
spot in the next release.

Keyboard and Mouse Emulation

I have a print out of this with my PSP until I'm used to it (or I add a
popup keyboard).

Current key map:

Keypad direction keys for player 1:
7 8 9
4 6 -- are mapped to the analog joystick
1 2 3

FIRE=X (generates INSERT)
SPECIAL=O (generates ENTER) -- note, also use O to confirm new character's name
CYCLE LEFT=LTrigger (generates keypad -)
CYCLE RIGHT=RTrigger (generates keypad +)
SHIFTER=[] (square) (generates DELETE)
Yell=/\ (triangle) (generates keypad 5)
Options Menu=SELECT (generates keypad *)
Quit menu/Gladiator=START (generates ESCAPE)

Scrolling text window up=up arrow (generates up arrow)
Scrolling text window down=down arrow (generates down arrow)
Yes in a dialog=right arrow (generates 'y')
No in a dialog=left arrow (generates 'n')

For main menu, use the analog stick and 'X' for left mouse button click.


Either start a new game or continue an existing game. I've provided a
sample initial game called "Try 1". Unfortunately we can't type freeform
into text entry fields for now, so troups that are hired freeze until
you hit return (use circle to confirm the default name SOLDIER1, etc.)
Also entering free form numbers is not yet allowed. The good news is
that save games and all the rest are compatible between the Windows,
Linux and PSP versions. So if you are really into it, you can always
name things on your PC, and copy the game save to the PSP.