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MyLCD v0.20.0 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-07-2006

Okio has released a multi-platform Unicode Text Rendering and Mini Frame-Buffer API Library for embedded hardware and standalone LCD controllers. He has just released version 0.20 of myLCD which now supports the PSP (tested on 1.5).

Updates for v0.20.0 include:
- Support for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)
- New text rendering pipeline.
- Memory footprint drastically reduced.
- Large improvement in 'Font to Glyph to render' time.
- Support for PNG images.
- Frame conversion API.
- GB18030 support.

With two text rendering engines using standard TGA/PNG bitmap and BDF fonts and along with character mapping enables support for ISO8858-1 to 16, GB18030, GB2312, Big5, CJK (Chinese, Japanese & Korean EUC KR) text, with 67 TGA and 72 BDF fonts prepackaged with distribution.
Another feature worth mentioning is complete support for HTML Character and entity references; eg, "" and "& #36215;" (?).
Contains internal image support for TGA (including RLE), PGM, BMP (all bitdepths) and PNG through libpng.

myLCD is a modular multi-platform framebuffer API library primarily catering for graphic LCD hardware, though may easily be extended to other devices.
myLCD contains an interface to enable drawing, plotting, printing text, scaling, rotating, copying, moving, loading and saving of images and frames and scrolling of images/frames & text too.

With two proportional font engines, supporting ASCII and wide character font sets, enabling the support of non-ASCII character sets such as traditional and simplifed Chinese.

There isn't anything in the way of documentation but viewing lcd.h and the examples should give you enough to get started.