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XviD4PSP Audio And Video Converter Shell v3.000a

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-07-2006

Winnydows has released his XviD4PSP v3.000a, a video/audio converter shell program for PSP. This program uses several video/audio converting modules to extend its compatibility for all kinds of video/audio clips. PMPMuxer is also included, which means you can also use it to convert PMP videos. The program also used some shiny visual effects supported by Microsoft .Net Framework - no wonder, you'll have to install it first. You are also required to install these components if you want to run this converter shell: AviSynth 2.5.6a, Xvid codec (1.1.0 or above), DivX codec (6.0.0 or above). Here is the detailed feature list from Winnydows:

Most interesting futures of the program:

- The greatest possible quality of PMP files, and full automation.
- Aspect corrected automatically.
- Imposing of subtitles. While only for AVI. The file of subtitles should name as well as film, also should be in a format SRT. Sure works only in HQ Mode: VirtualDub.
- Combine of several AVI to one PMP.
- Coding towards the size.
- Addition of tasks. It is possible to add some tasks, for example a AVI and one DVD to choose Hibernate and to press button Start. Consistently encoded all tasks and after end of process the computer will leave in sleep mode.