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AgenaWorld v1.3 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-07-2006

Edepot has jumped back into the homebrew scene with a new release of their popular game, Agenaworld. Agenaworld, for those of you that are unaware is a "Homeworld" type of game where you take command of your spaceship and visit all 9 planets of our Solar System, as well as other galaxies. Agenaworld v1.3 is the latest version, and it includes some breathtaking backgounds in 24bit/pixel format thanks to the Hubble Telescope. The downside to these impressive backgrounds (which support multi-directional scrolling) is that they are rather large. Weighing in at just under 29 megs, make sure you have the extra space on your memory stick before you try to install this one. Here are the changes from the changelog:

Converted to true color (24bits/pixel) mode.
Multi-directional background scrolling
Shields and Fuel
Self-destiny (choose destination via cubes)
Solar system with planets (all to scale)

** About Agenaworld **

In the near future, you captain a spaceship with extra-ordinary
technology. Powered by nuclear fusion and fission generators and
supported by ion micro-thrusters and gyroscopes, your ship can
support long-term journeys. After a long travel in hybernation
across the deep space, you come across the Juniper Belt and
discover a mysterious asteroid surrounded by many "hypercubes".
They are alien in origination, but one thing is known, when
your ship touches one of the cubes, a gravitation assist field
is generated around your ship. Firing an EMP afterwards, activates
the field and your ship is slingshot at great velocity towards
a destination pre-allocated by the respective cube touched.
It is year 2492, the year that all nine planets are lined up
end to end from the sun to pluto. With the help of the cubes, you
are able to travel to distant galaxies, nebulas, and even all
nine planets in the solar system, overcoming the laws of relativity.

** Special Controls **
To fire an EMP and activate the cube, press the "TRIANGLE" button
after you have already touched a hypercube with your ship.


To install on firmware 1.0 PSP, copy the directory
from the "firmware1.0" directory of zip file...


to your "/psp/game/" folder on Memory Stick.

In the end you should have this directory (on Memory Stick):



AgenaWorld Version 1.3 Feb 27, 2005

Runs on PSP firmware 1.0 and PSP firmware 1.5

AgenaWorld is a classic space shooting game similar to (and a little aiming
towards) the "Homeworld" PC game, but has its own unique features.
Press RTRIGGER Button in game to see mission objective. Supports
multiplayer (PSP to PSP) via infrared. See below for more details.


If two PSP's have AgenaWorld installed, just aim the infrared
ports at each other and start the games on both. If the other player
is detected, they will show up in the radar. To manually sync or to
resync after no signal, you can slow your CPU speed down until
they show up in the radar again. A better way is to press the
RTRIGGER button (status screen) until they show up and close the
window when they have reappeared. Just use this method
whenever the other player loses sync. Otherwise, the slow CPU
will work, but the game slows down a bit.

When both are in sync, you can shoot at each other and see
each other. Note each player can't destroy ufos or asteroids
of the other player, only the spaceship of the other player.
You can't collide into each other.