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AgenaWorld v1.1 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-07-2006

AgenaWorld is a classic space shooting game similar to (and a little aiming
towards) the "Homeworld" PC game, but has its own unique features.
Press Triangle Button in game to see mission objective. Supports
multiplayer (PSP to PSP) via infrared. See below for more details.

There is only one mission objective that you have currently installed.
Registered users get special unlocked versions of the game
with more mission objectives and ability to research advanced technology.
You got this program free, so consider encouraging the author
to make even better games by donating and registering.
With enough donations, I will add the ability to visit different solar systems
and planets. You will also get the ability to land and "walk around"
on them.


To install on firmware 1.5 PSP, copy the two odd looking
directories from the "firmware1.5" directory of zip file...


to your "/psp/game/" folder on Memory Stick.

In the end you should have these two directories (on Memory Stick):



To install on firmware 1.0 PSP, copy the directory
from the "firmware1.0" directory of zip file...


to your "/psp/game/" folder on Memory Stick.

In the end you should have this directory (on Memory Stick):



If two PSP's have AgenaWorld installed, just aim the infrared
ports at each other and start the games on both. If the other player
is detected, they will show up in the radar. To manually sync or to
resync after no signal, you can slow your CPU speed down until
they show up in the radar again. A better way is to press the
triangle button (status screen) until they show up and close the
window when they have reappeared. This is the first release,
so the timing is not that stable yet. Just use this method
whenever the other player loses sync. Otherwise, the slow CPU
will work, but the game slows down a bit.

When both are in sync, you can shoot at each other and see
each other. Note each player can't destroy ufos or asteroids
of the other player, only the spaceship of the other player.
In this version, you can't collide into each other.