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GTA LCS USA UMD v1.5 Loader

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-04-2006

GTA Liberty City Stories (USA) UMD v1.5 Loader By ZID

This loader lets you play your Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories UMD on a v1.5 PSP.

Installation (Skip 1 and 2 if MPH Game Loader is already installed):
1- Install MPH Game Loader (PSP\GAME folders and files from MPH's Loader is not required).
2- Copy flash folders (flash0 and flash1) to the root of the MemoryStick\MPHGameLoader
3- Copy PSP and MPHGameLoader folders from this release to the root of the MemoryStick .
4- Insert the GTA Liberty City Stories (USA) UMD.
5- At the XMB (PSP's menu) Select the Game icon then goto Memory Stick and select my GTA Liberty City Stories Loader from the games list (like any other games and emulators).
6- Enjoy another fine and great release from ZID The Emperor!

Credits And Big Thanks to:
MPH: For MPH Game Loader v1.0.
Rockstar: For Making GTA Liberty City Stories game.
ARTiSAN: For Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories USA Release.
And me (ZID aka. The Emperor) for This Loader!

- If you want to make any modification to my release, repacking it, adding it to your website or publish it, first ask me (ZID) before doing anything with it and add me (ZID) (and who have a role to let this release come) to the credits and respect others releases.