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iTunes RSS Server For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-02-2006

Stream your iTunes to your PSP! Here's an interesting little program by Trickster. One of the best selling points of 2.60 Firmware is the ability to stream RSS feeds to your PSP via your WiFi connection. Now that feature is even more useful with the iTunes RSS Server which will allow you to stream MP3 and AAC music to your PSP from your PC. To install, simply download the appropriate file, run the iTunes RSS Server, set your PSP to connect, and subscribe to the RSS feed. Here's the complete feature list for this feed streaming application:

- Run as a Web server, accepting port 8080 requests (configurable per --port option)
- Publish RSS 2.0 feeds with rss:enclosure that PSP/iTunes can subscribe (PSP Firmware 2.60 required)
- Run both on Windows XP and Mac OSX
- Support smart playlist
- Support on-demand reloading of Music Library (you don't have to restart the server when you update iTunes library)
- Publish playlists with MP3/AAC/MP4 files (including Video)
- Automatically exclude Video and DRMed AAC files for requests from PSP
- Extract album artwork and embed as rss:image
- Serve media files streaming per byte-range requests (PSP RSSchannel requires)
- Support htpasswd based HTTP Basic Authenticatoin (--passwd /path/to/.htpasswd)