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PSPRadio v0.38-Pre6 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-02-2006

In this latest work-in-progress version, Raf has started making progress towards getting PSPRadio to be compatible on 2.01+ Firmware using the GTA Loader. So if you have a 2.01+ PSP, and feel experimental, you could help out by testing this and leaving some feedback. Here's what Raf had to say about v0.38.06:

This release is divided in two parts:

PSPRadio v0.38.06 Static– For 2.0+ Firmware
PSPRadio v0.38.06 Dynamic– For 1.50 Firmware

There's a static release (static means its a monolithic application, like it's always been until now). The main difference is that this version is 100% user-mode code, and to the point that it doesn't even try to load the network or usb drivers (so it won't have network/usb under f/w < 2). What I need to know is if this version provides network/usb to GTA Loader users. (Also if it works on f/w 2.6)

Then, there's the dynamic release (dynamic means modular, plugin based, based on PRXs [like dll's for PSP]). This is the kind of release I expect to keep on publishing from now on, but many things changed, and needs to be tested heavily. Under f/w 1.5 (or lower), this release has an EBOOT.PBP file which is really a Loader. It loads all needed drivers, then starts the application. The UIs have also been converted to plugins. I want to start writing more plugins, and also allow more developers to create their own plugins). The static version won't be able to take advantage of any of this.

This release (dynamic) will only (currently) run on 1.5 or lower. But still, feel free to test it with other f/w releases, Loaders. Other than this, there's no other new features or bug fixes (other than the home button exit option always working) in this release. So if you're not into testing, then please stick to the latest official/stable release. Thanks!