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PSP PowerWord (English-Chinese) Bi-Directional Dictionary

Uploaded by CJPC - 03-02-2006

Kriswu has released his PSP PowerWord (CIBA) for PSP. This is a PSP clone of Kingsoft's dictionary software for Windows. This dictionary is capable of picking up both English words and Chinese words, since the author has added Chinese input support in it. Details:

How to Use:

– Input Method

– In English input state (take "Kris" as an example)

Press R to open the input method.
Press and hold L (according to the shift key on PC), then press circle. And then release circle, then L (the capital K is inputted).
Press and hold Up, then press circle. And then release circle, then Up (r is inputted).
Press triangle button and then release (i is inputted).
Press and hold left button, then press circle. And then release circle, then left button (s is inputted).
*When you inputted a wrong letter, you can use Down button to delete it. Cross is the space key. You will need some practice to get used to it. But trust me, you can get a very high input speed when finally got used to it.

– In Chinese-Pinyin input state (take "han zi" as an example)

Press R to open the input method.
Press Select button to switch to Pinyin input method.
First, input "han" in English letters, then press cross (like the space bar on PC), the candidate character list will be displayed. Then, select the Chinese character "han" from the list. Input "zi" using the same way.
* When there is more than one page for the candidate characters, you can use L and R to browse among the pages. Start button to cancel current character input.
* If you want to input punctuations, just press and hold L, then press Down button, a list will be shown. Then select a punctuation you want to input. Return to English input with the Select button, or R button to close input method and continue to other activities.
* Hint: Down = Delete; Cross = Space; Shift + Down = Tab; Shift + Cross = L + R = Enter
* Use L + Select to switch between Wubi and Pinyin input.
* Pinyin input method supports word-association function. E.g. when you inputted “ai”, a list of associated words will be shown for you to choose. Start button to cancel this list.
– Search

Press R or Enter to start searching for the currently inputted English/Chinese word. When the keyword is empty, the result will be the next word of the search last result.
Supports simply fuzzy search. E.g. when you are trying to pick up "keyword", but for got how to spell it, you can just input "keywo*" to perform the search (* is required).