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PSP Invaders v1.0 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-28-2006

Percival has just released a port of a modern version of the classic "Space Invaders" game to PSP. It is based off an SDL PC version of Space Invaders by Niels Weber. It's a solid game with a nice framerate, and works great on the GTA Loader. Enjoy!

To install, copy the files to X:/PSP/GAME/ ,where X is your memory stick drive. The folder structure should look like this:
| |
| |
| +---data
| |
| +---alien.jpg
| +---......... (other files)
+---invaders% (1.5 only)

The aliens come in waves. You will need to destroy all of them before they reach the bottom. The aliens become stronger after each wave. The aliens will shoot at you, watch out!

You start out with only your standard weapon and max 8 bullets. Shoot the "special" alien to get powerups. Here is a list of powerups:

Repair: your ships gains a little health

Extra shots: you can shoot more bullets at the same time (you start with 8). The maximum is 20.

Special weapons: 1 rocket, bomb or seeking missile

Extra weapon: gain a primary weapon. Currently you can only get the diagonal bullets.

Start: pause
Cross: shoot
Square: seeking missile
Triangle: rocket
Circle: bomb
L / R: change weapon type, currently only the straight and diagonal bullets
Home: quit game

-Initial release