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PSPVice v0.4 BETA For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-26-2006

Christophe, developer of PSPVice, a Commodore64 emulator for PSP, has just released a new BETA version of PSPVice with loads of new features as follows:

New features in v0.4 BETA include:

- Better speed accuracy.
- Support .zip files (one or multiple files into zip(s)).
- Save snapshot on MemoryStick. Allow 4 saves for 1 game.
- Improved disk/tape browser with screenshots and info file. Can also display .nfo file from gamebase game archives.
- Save settings on exit.
- Enable / Disable sound option.
- Scrolling in menu.
- CPU clock, 266 Mhz is now available.
- Customizable menu font.
- Palette support (Vice format .vpl).
- Uses Vice1.18 sources (instead of 1.14).

Bug fixed:
- Sound is now better
- Sound is not disabled when loading a quick snapshot

What is still not working:
- problems with "true drive emulation" option.
- True drive emulation is on