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KETM (Kill Everything That Moves) PSP v0.08

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-25-2006

Kill Everything that Moves was ported by Deniska and is a great 2D aerial scroller, very much in the same style as the arcade classic 1941. This game has lots of features including several levels, various enemies and a slew of primary and secondary weapons. To top it all off, this is reported to work on 2.01+ Firmware via the GTA Loader! Here's what's been changed in the latest version:

NEW IN v0.8
- Hardware rendering: big performance boost; game runs ~ 30% faster now
- Patched old objects garbage collection bug which used to slow down the game at later stages.
- Menu cleanup: all menu functions should work now. Fixed difficulty & sound fx tabs.
- Big graphics facelift, thanks to bourbon_bot :-)..
- 2 new enemy patterns & 1 new boss

This is a PSP adoptation of KETM (studio-grey/badblocks), fast paced tyrian style 2D shooter.

- 3 levels with different environments, music & bosses
- 14 enemies with unique attack patterns and adjusting hostility
- 7 primary weapons
- 4 secondary weapons (rockets, laser, bomb, rotating shield)
- 2 mods: original episode1 and 1941 mod by bourbon_bot
- Fully modable design: you can change sounds, graphics, script your own attacking sequences and intensity.
- Source code & PSP SDK Makefile provided


1.5 users: copy contents of 1.5 folder to ms:/PSP/GAME
1.0 use EBOOT.PBP from 1.0 folder with data files from 1.5 folder
2.0 Please let me know if either version works with the latest EBOOT Loader for 2.0 firmware

You can try to rebuild the binary with the source code provided.



Create a new folder starting with '_' in ms:/PSP/GAME/ketm
Copy ALL graphics, data files and sounds from episode1 in to your new folder.
You can change the size of most sprites as long as you keep them proportional
and keep the number of frames in animations the same.
Game sequence is scripted in levelXX.dat files.
The format is explained in the coments in the begining of the data file.
The music can be in s3m/xm/mod tracker formats or in ogg vorbis.
Keep in mind that ogg decryption is much more cpu intensive and may slowdown the game.

- Fix SDL_surface related memory leak: the game runs out of memory in ~30 min of play
- Create more episoded