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MPH 2.00 Game Loader v1.0 For 1.50 Tutorial Pack

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-23-2006

1) Modify your PSP Game iSO image accordingly, basically decrypt/replace PRX files and rebuild it or rip it as you see it to fit on your PSP MS.

2) Copy UMD Emulator v0.8C (not included) to your PSP MS (if you don't know how, follow the instructions included with it) and put your modified GAME.ISO file into the /ISO directory.

3) Copy the included files in this RAR to your PSP MS following this layout:

PSP Memory Stick (root)
|- MPHGameLoader
[COLOR=#313132]...[/COLOR] |
[COLOR=#313132]...[/COLOR] |- mphloader.prx
[COLOR=#313132]...[/COLOR] |
[COLOR=#313132]...[/COLOR] |- flash0/ (with sub folders and files)
[COLOR=#313132]...[/COLOR] |- flash1/ (with sub folders and files)
|- PSP/
[COLOR=#313132]...[/COLOR] |
[COLOR=#313132]...[/COLOR] |- GAME/
[COLOR=#313132].......[/COLOR] |
[COLOR=#313132].......[/COLOR] |- MPHGAMELOADER
[COLOR=#313132].......[/COLOR] |- MPHGAMELOADER%

4) Insert an original PSP UMD Game (not Movie) into the drive, and launch UMD Emulator.

5) Using the settings below, select your GAME.ISO from the list and press X. The screen will turn black for a second, and then bring you back to the PSP menu screen.

UMD Emulator v0.8C settings:

ISO emulation mode: system menu
Disctype ISO: game
Disctype UMD: game
Updater icon: remove
Use boot.bin: on
Regioncode override: off
-unselectable grey
-unselectable grey
-unselectable grey
Flash0 emulation: off
Flash1 emulation: off

6) Now select MPH 2.00 Game Loader for 1.50 from the menu. You will see a
"Loading game..." prompt, and then a second later your GAME.ISO file will load.

7) Enjoy!