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SMS (Simple Media System) v1.6 For PS2

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-22-2006

EEUG has released a nice version of his great Media Player for the PS2. A lot of additions, fixes, and changes have been made in this release as follows:

A complete rewrite of the graphic system. the new system has double the horizontal resolution of the old, and very smooth and better looking playback. the GUI looks a heck of a lot smoother too.

Also added was an option to exit to somewhere other than boot browser, and subtitle file selection, resizing... multi-language is a lot easier to implement by way of language text files that you can put on your memory card.

The GUI looks the same but smoother. it is well worth the upgrade. I had an idea of what to expect but was pleasantly surprised when i actually tried it.

Detailed Changes:

- GS related code is rewritten from scratch (no VESA video mode support yet);
- Browser and GUI are rewritten (same look and feel, but totally different code
featuring "object oriented" desktop, so, new GUI objects can be added without
changing other parts of the application);
- Scalable fonts are implemented, so, subtitle size is adjustable now;
- Multilanguage support is implemented. Custom language strings are loaded from mc0:/SMS/SMS.lng file (which is just a text file);
- Skin format is changed slightly, so, it's possible to create skins of arbitrary
size using updated version of "SMS Skin generator" application. Old skins are not supported anymore. Don't use a very high resolution (> 800x600) skins, otherwise results are not guaranteed. Note: new filename for skin is "mc0:/SMS/SMS.skn" (for consistency with other filenames like "SMS.lng" and "SMS.pal");
- Added functionality to select custom subtitles. This works as follows: pressing "circle" pad button while .avi file is selected activates a "mini-browser" with .sub/.srt files found in the same directory as .avi. If there're no .sub/.srt files found then playback begins instantly. Pressing "triangle" pad button while in "mini-browser" cancels selection, and starts playback with default subtitle selection algorithm (same name as .avi etc.). Pressing "cross" or "circle" button while in "mini-browser" selects subtitle and starts playback;
- .avi files with associated subtitles are displayed using different icon;
- added a possibility to launch user defined application upon exit. There're 3
options: boot browser and 2 user defined (in SMS.lng) applications (default
are "mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF" and "mc0:/B?DATA-SYSTEM/BOOT.ELF). This feature is still experimental one, so, results are not guaranteed and the only supported media for launched programs is memory card and CD-ROM (not tested).
- some new configuration options are added (thanks to "bix64" for IPCONFIG.DAT
- some other "cosmetic" changes are made;
Thanks to "Mr.Worm~~" for suggestions and testing;