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Bible In Basic English For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-20-2006

Tim Ross has shared the Bible In Basic English for PSP. This is a HTML version of Bible In English, and Tim converted it to suit the PSP Web browser. Here are the details:

How to use:

Copy the PSP folder into your ROOT directory of you PSP select “YES” to overwrite files, it will only add the folder "bible" under the PSP/COMMON path.
Open your PSP Web Browser, go to File -> ADDRESS ENTRY, enter "file:/psp/common/bible/index.htm"

After the page is opened, go to BOOKMARKS -> My Bookmarks -> Add to bookmarks for easy access in the future.

If you find any errors in these files, please email me at ross[at]4defend[dot]com, I hope you find this enjoyable, as the idea hit me in church one Sunday morning to find something to convert to PSP for easy viewing, that’s when I found this version, with a few modifications to the index file for EASY PSP navigation. It was a go!