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PSP-Dizaster Win Portal v1.0 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-20-2006

Release notes:

Finally thanx to Desert Sessions for his gfx and supa sick for his support i now bring u 1.0 i've worked my ass off on both shrinking the size on the portal, yup thats right it's running on a new kinda system but still looks like windows and the images load a bit faster , and i've also worked my ass off on psp-drunk, D-Web and d-chat but there is also many more thing like apps and games and stuff and in this rar there also is 4 games in the common folder for u to test out PSP-Drunk with. In case you are wondering what PSP-Drunk stands for, its PSP-Dizaster Runner Using No Knowledge (the name came to our minds when we were drunk so thats another reason :P)


Made by: DreaDNoughT, Desert sessions and Supa Sick

...::: Setup the Portal :::...

1) Unrar the "Win" folder into the ms root

2) type "file:/win/index.html" into the address bar

3) Set as homepage or bookmark it (whichever you please) lol.

...::: To Use The Video Files :::...

1) make a folder named "video"

2) Put your gif files in the folder but name them "video1 - video20"
(example... to watch video5, i would have to make a gif file name to "video5")

3) Put the "video" folder in the PHOTO folder on the psp memory stick

...::: PSP-DRUNK :::...

1) Click select

2) Choose your app, game or image u want to load

3) click "load" (duh )

...::: D-Web :::...

for D-Web, well isn't it obvious anyway it's pretty buggy so don't complain i'm workin on it already

...::: D-Chat :::...
For D-Chat, ehm just put in your name and stuff. It's pretty straight forward