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FlashMod v3.0 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-19-2006

Flashmod is a program that will allow you to tweak and adjust the way your PSP operates. Here's the full release info from IchigoKurosaki:

2.00+ UMD Support
* Added Overclocking option 266/133.
* No changes to 2.00+ support (Wait for Flashmod Modified Firmware)

Place Firmware in ms0:/f0 and ms0:/f1 (if you use FakeUpdater you shouldn't have to rename the directories)

UMD Loading
* Added Overclocking option.

Corrupted Icon Remover through Firmware
Will make Corrupted Data Icon and text to disappear (Space will still exist)

PSIX Version Changer
* Changes 1.0 Lite on top bar to 1.00 PSP -or- 1.50 PSP
* Only for PSIX Lite
PSIX must be in ms0:/PSP/GAME/psix/

PSIX Background Changer
* Allows Lite or Pro Users to change the Background of PSIX
Put 480x272 Background in ms0:/ named background.jpg or background.png

Graphical User-Interface
* New Graphical User-Interface thanks to Fluff

Note: Any program that writes to the PSP's flash memory has the potential to damage your PSP. Use at your own risk.

Install Custom Backgrounds:

Place xx.bmp in the root of you Memory Stick.

-xx Chart-

01 - January
02 - February
03 - March
04 - April
05 - May
06 - June
07 - July
08 - August
09 - September
10 - October
11 - November
12 - December

So what ever 01.bmp is will be you background for January, what ever 02.bmp is will be your background for February.

Change Menu Names:

1. Extract the Utilities folder on to your Desktop.

2. Go into the Utilities folder and run "PSPMenuEdit.exe"

3. Now select you Language and click on the button [...] under [Edit topmenu_plugin.rco]

4. Now select [topmenu_plugin.rco] which should be located in the utilities folder.

5. Once you are done editing all your Menu Names just click [Patch File] and copy the [topmenu_plugin.rco] out of the utilities folder to the root of you Memory Stick.

6. Now go into FlashMod and select [Install Custom XMB Menu Names] and your done.

Turn on/off corrupted icons:

Turn On -or- Off corrupted icons through the firmware instead of Folder Names.

Change PSIX Version number:
Allows you to change the version number on the top bar to: "1.50 PSP" or "1.00 PSP"

Add Backgrounds to PSIX:
Just put background.png or background.jpg into the root of your Memory Stick.