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PSPRadio v0.38-Pre5 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-18-2006

Raf has updated PSPRadio again, changes:


Core: Added exception handler. This will display some useful information (for the developers) if/when PSPRadio crashes. (r804,805)


3DUI: Rewrote the textrendering of lists and options so only one event is sent, to make it more stable (r798)
3DUI: Removed the layer between the UI and the WindowManager, since it was redundant. (r799)
3DUI: Rewrote several event handlers to reduce context switches and make it more stable. (r800)
3DUI: Last event stuff (for now) cleaned up. The 3DUI seems quite more stable now. (r801)
3DUI: Reordered the initialization, to remove reset while switching UIs. (r802)