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PSPRadio v0.38-Pre4r1 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-13-2006

Raf has updated PSPRadio again, changes:

Core: Now playlist entries are sorted by title if the playlist is v2. (r768)

Core: Made the decoding/playback more stable (r770)
Core: Now only UP/DOWN generate REPEATs (No more 'jumpy' START button, etc.)(r772)
Core: Now long press are also handled as a release (r773)
Core: Corrected erroneous button hits being sent continuosly when the power saving kicked off (r774)
3DUI: Fixed a cacheproblem with the panels (r778)
3DUI: Some of the gfxsizes setup in the configuration was used incorrect in the code (r779)
Core: Now buttons/hprm data is sent by value in the events - this could cause incorrect or erroneous data from being processed, based on timing. (r782)
Core: Eliminated possibility of certain race conditions from happening (when a stream ends). This should provide more stability/consistency on stream ends -- this applies mostly to local files. (r783)
Core: Now stream handling screen is assigned correctly when stream starts playing. (r784)
Core(OGG): Now stops parsing comments (metadata) from OGG file after TITLE and ARTIST have been retrieved. (this was causing random crashes) (r784)
Core: Corrected bug that could crash the app if the first thing the user did was NEXT or PREV with the HPRM. (r785)
All: Replaced unsafe strncpy globally with safe counterpart strlcpy().
Core: Cleanup to Driver initialization routines and system callbacks (power) (r789)
Core: Re-enabled HOME menu. (r789,790)
3DUI: Fixed a memory error and removed some traces (to avoid context switches) (r792)
3DUI: Disabled the visualizer until I've made it more stable (it was causing resets all the time) (r793)
3DUI: Added support for showing the currently playing track in a different color (r796)