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NeoCD PSP v0.9 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-13-2006

Zelurker continues to improve upon the original NeoCD PSP v0.5 emulator and with the help of camiyu1 and Radius! Here's what is new in this release:

Added L trigger and R trigger function to configure key combination.
(Default: old behavior, and you can change it in menu)
(If you want to enter menu, press L+select simultaneously and if you want to take snapshot, press R+select simultaneously this replaces old "select lock)
Changed some default values: CPU clock333, ScreenZoom1, FrameskipAuto, RegionUSA
Better centering of confirmation dialogs
Fixed pressing ltrigger in main menu, or rtrigger in font selector
Added title "Font selector"
Changed the tabs drawing
Fixed auto-repeat of keys in file browser
fixed the stupid incompatibility in sceGuScissor with psp sdks more recent than 27/12/2005. It should allow to compile neocdpsp with any sdk now. (thanks to camiyu1 for spotting the problem!)
Fix for the famous raster interrupt of the previous version : the 85% speed of art of fighting is now working, and there is a special case to make neo drift out to work correctly. This also fixes Samurai shodown 3. This created actually less bugs than what I feared.
Fixed the mp3 music not resuming in aero fighters 3 (very special case). Actually this is a genral fix for the mp3s so this might affect some other games too, but in the good way.
Replaced "Sound Enable" in the menu by "Sound volume"
Added a file cache, which avoids to load already loaded files (samurai spirits rpg tries 10% of the time to load files which are already loaded!)
Changed completely the way the neocd emulator loads its game files. The patch.prg file previously needed for "samurai spirits rpg" becomes useless. Just delete it if it's still in your neocdpsp directory! This fixes at least the sound in samurai spirits rpg, and the music is now playing at the beginning of "puzzled" This also allows to fix 90% of the upload area problems. The only game I could find which is still broken with this area is "neo geo cdspecial", and I made a special case for it. It's a potential for lots of new bugs, but apparently everyting is fine or better than before now!