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AVItoPMP Conversion Tool v0.91 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-12-2006

By uNn, this is another application that will allow v1.50 PSP owners to convert your VOB and AVI files (DivX/Xvid) to PMP format so you can play them at full resolution using the PSP Media Player PMP Mod. Features include:

- friendly interface
- uses the fastest video encoder "Mencoder"
- supports .avi, .mov, .vob, .mpg, .wmv (auto rescale may not work with some videos, other than .avi)
- auto determines source resolution and calculates rescaled resolution (auto saves aspect ratio), but also has an option to use wide-screen resolution or use auto-crop - before rescaling to wide-screen (also saves aspect ratio)
- video section has all commonly used Mencoder options
- supports 2 codecs"DivX" and "XviD"
- supports 2 encoding modes: constant bitrate and variable bitrate ("quantizer")
- has an "Preview" function test your settings before encoding the entire film!
- supports 2 audio encoders: "BeSweet" and "Mencoder"
- supports subtitles (tested on english and russian subs)
- supports a queue of jobs
- supports saving settings into .ini file
- works with non-english paths and filenames (tested on russian)
- an option to change 'frames per second'
- an option to use MediaInfo to read Aspect Ratio of the source - some video have black borders, but in AR info they contain real resolution (without black borders) - in this case it can help to correctly crop video
- now you can manually edit original resolution values
- a few little modifications