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Pang v0.2 For PSP 2.6 Firmware

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-10-2006

DingoFR has released his classic but popular game, Pang v0.2, which is now compatible with the GTA Loader and all Firmware versions. This port is based on DCPang v0.2 by Michel Jouvet.

- Hopefully 2 Players mode via WLan and with PS2 version
- Save Game
- Hi-Score, Hall of Fame

- Code based on DC Pang 1.2
- Menu at the title screen
- Added 2 new display mode: stretched and cropped
DCPang for PSP.

02/06/2006 Version 0.2:
- code based on DCPang 1.2
- menu at the title screen
- add 2 new display mode: stretched and cropped

01/12/2006 Version 0.1:
-1st Release