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Kitty Cannon Fireball Demo For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-09-2006

SG57 has updated his homebrew game, Kitty Cannon. The version now is Kitty Cannon Fireball Demo. In this version Chingwyn has helped SG57 on the gravity and bounce physics. Currently they are debugging the physics engine, and this release is a quick update to show the current progress of the project. From the author:

The updates in this Demo are:

New option menu with Over-Clock and Underclocking PSP option
I recommend the Over-Clock seeing as how the game is less laggy ~Credits are there but still need some work ~De-Bug option on Main Menu is there so no more trickery ...
The De-Bug mode has been removed for this release for Gravity testing...
Every place/menu/option has a 'Go Back' option for MAX GUI ~SCREENSHOTS are working **GREAT** I must say ~Score is at the Top
*100 for Dodging the Fireball
*-100 for Pressing [ O ]
Scrolling Background is Working and Fully Functional
NEW* Background Music, anyone can use there own...
Scrolling Spikes with the Backround
PSP Eboot Icon now plays Music!

[] - Reset Score/Every Object back to normal
X - Move Kitty in a Diagnol Movement
O - Move Kitty in a Straight Movement
SELECT - ScreenShot that Saves in the PHOTO folder in .PNG format
START - Stop music and brings you back to the Main Menu of Kitty Cannon

Known BUGS
-Holding the X or O button too long causes background lag which creates empty **spots that if an image goes over, it leaves a trail (pretty cool when you take a **screenshot
-Pressing START sometimes sends you bakc to main menu
-After getting to the main menu pressing START, if you try to play again, BLACKOUT
-Debug mode Sends you to the main menu as its only for Gravity Testing only
-Fireball can get going soo fast, that you cant even see it! lol not much of a bug
-Sorry, but no Collision detection, cant seem to get it to work right