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3DB Mesh Loader BETA Preview v3 Plus For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-08-2006

[LuMo] has released the latest version of his 3DB Mesh Loader that will load Maya 3D models on your PSP. You can export your graphics from whatever 3D program you use into Maya and then display them on your PSP. Here's the changes made in the latest version:

- changed doublesided to singlesided meshes & backfaceculling (-> draws only visible triangles, front side! -> planes might be invisible, cause of orientation)
- new conversion tool (as cmsh might be v2, v3 i just call it v2 now...)
- rewrote maya export script to export the faces in correct* order
- added Gouraud Shading -> no more flat view!
- added a light

Note: max face/vertex count is 65xxx (not limited by my Loader) but you can split your mesh into multiple 3db files and load em up...