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SuperMaster v1.5 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 02-08-2006

By Lost Jared: SuperMaster PSP v1.5 is a JOKE game I wrote back in 2001, so please dont email me saying that this game is too violent or is wrong. It was a present I made for my Grandma because she bought me my first computer when I was 12. So To honor her investment in my future, I wrote a game with her as the Star the "Evil Grandma"...

What this game includes:

* Sound Effects!! (thanks Paul!!)
* New Level + Level Editor
* New Graphics by teknogeek1300
* Ability to take screen shots from in the game

Everything is completly mod-able all the graphics/sounds/fonts are external.


Use the D-pad to Move Master
Use Cross to Fire his shot gun
Use Square to jump

Screen Capture:

Press Select to turn screen shot mode on.
Hold L Trigger + R Trigger and tap Triangle to take a screen
(may take about 45 seconds or so since it produces bitmaps).

Screen Shots are saved in /PSP/PHOTO

Required Firmware: only 1.5 supported right now, you can try on 2.0 and tell me your results. I know it dosent work on 2.6 because it uses sound.

To Install:

Just Copy the PSP folder inside of this archive to /PSP/

That means the directory structure should Look Like




I added the font directory so I dont have to include my MasterX fonts in every release which is kind of pointless since the majority of the time its the same font..

Whats up with the font directory?

Place your MasterX Fonts in the directory, and my future programs will read your fonts.