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MyPS2 v1.0

Uploaded by CJPC - 01-24-2006

The GUI has been completely rewritten for this version and now features a flexible
skinning system. It allows you to change pretty much anything. Translating
myPS2 should now also be alot easier since you no longer have to mess around
with the source code. Check out the help files in the docs directory to see
how skinning and translating works.

Apart from source code changes there are also some new features. The menu
navigation has been improved and you can now access other HDD partitions.
Also a couple of bugs have been fixed and myPS2 should now work on PS2s
that don't have a HDD. Checkout the Readme.html for a more complete list
of changes.

If you translate myPS2 or make any custom skins feel free to send them to me
and I will then put them here for other people to download.