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Cross GTA v0.2 Mini-SDK Add-On For PSP 2.6

Uploaded by CJPC - 01-23-2006

Lostjared has released Cross GTA v0.2 for Windows/Linux/PSP 1.5/2.01+. Cross GTA is a sample Demo/utility pack started with Hello World. Source code is also enclosed. Here are more details from the author:

Four examples starting off with Hello World ending with a Video Game. Source Code contains the majority of the algorithms you need to get a basic game up and running easily.. simply start off by reading Hello World, Than Random Pixels, then Knights Tour, then you can finish it off by MPGTA. Also contains source code for a few tools I wrote to use with this Pack as follows:

mxf2c - Translates MasterX Fonts (which really just translate truetype fonts to mxf) to C array
bmp2c - Translates a 24bit Bitmap to a C data structure array
mxFont2 - MasterX Font Editor.. with the ability to translate a windows truetype font to MXF to use in your PSP game.

Full Source Code for everything is included and your free to use it change it destroy it do whatever you so please with it... It's all Free.