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Lua PSP Missile Command v0.2

Uploaded by CJPC - 01-12-2006

By Yashamaru, this is a compilation of 9 various titles- great small games.

Please use at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage caused by this or any other scripts.

[Changes in this release include]

total rebuild ...................... used what I could from 0.1
Scoring system / initials .......... Requested by jpcguy89
reduced games size by 80% .......... was over 20mb now under 2mb
More Games ......................... 9 playable Games/Modes
wifi cheats ........................ Get cheat codes using wifi
Control speed save ................. Set speed in options menu

-Missile Command -
Mode A - Missile Command

-Duckhunt -
Mode A - 1 Duck
Mode B - 2 Ducks -- Coming soon! (ran out of time)
Mode C - Clay Shooting

-Hogan's Alley -
Mode A - Shooting Range
Mode B - Hogan's Alley
Mode C - Trick Shooting

-Wild Gunman -
Mode A - 1 Gunman

-Sample MOD -
-Doghunt -
Mode A - Doghunt

-Release INFO-

-V0.2 01/15/06- 'Missile Command' (Pack)
It has been a long time since I released anything.I ran into bugs
with memory and some others deep in my script. So I have rebuilt the Game
as 1 pack. I wanted to add all my shooters into 1 game, to make things
easier (for me and the players). like always, have fun.

-V0.1 09/16/05- 'PSP Duckhunt'
Now that all Game modes are playable and because
and because some of you are still playin 0.0. Its Release time.
Thx to everyone for the help. Once again, have fun.

-v0.0 09/09/05- 'PSP DUCKHUNT'
This is the 2nd playable game ive made for the PSP. For
everyone that doesent remember Duck Hunt .This is a clone of that
classic (NES) game. I'm Still workin on it so updates will come
soon but since XteticX asked me to release it. here you go!
Hope you guys have fun.