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PSP-OSS v0.2 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 01-12-2006

By the PSP-OSS Team, this is a PSP Open Source Shell with Audio Player, Image Viewer and much more.

+Features: Audio:
Built-in audio player
MP3 and OGG support

Built-in image viewer
PNG and JPG support an resolutions up to 512x512
EBOOT Support:
Run any EBOOT off you memory stick via the "Start Menu" (1.5 Firmware)

Easily access your memory sticks files via included filebrowser
Ability to Open, Cut, Paste, Delete and Rename files

Easy-to-use GUI:
Restart and shutdown the PSP-OSS from the desktop
Run any UMD from the desktop (excluding UMDs requiring 2.xx)
Edit your theme or background from the configuration panel
Enable/disable USB mode
Access time and date information

Look at Shortcut.ql example on the desktop. Open in a text editor

Folder Locations for Desktop and Start Menu
Files you want on the desktop or in the start menu go in these folders
Pictures: PSP\PHOTO\

+ Changes from BETA 1:

Screenshot code should work everywhere now by pressing L+R Triggers
The Start Menu can be fully controlled by the Directional PAD
Most skin bugs have been fixed e.g The Start Menu
PSP-OSS is not listed in the Games list anymore

New Settings Menu Controls:

*Language (Not Complete) *CPU Speed
*Switch X, O *Toggle Wallpapers
*Wallpapers *Themes
*Accessed by Start>System>Settings
*Toggle Wallpapers allows the quick switching with either L,R or Select
*To turn on USB mode click on the USB icon (Stops Corruption)
*Start Menu and Filebrowser can now show more then one page of items
For the File browser try clicking on the Arrows or try pressing
the Left or Right Triggers. Each sceen fits 32 icons.

The Start Menu on the other hand requires you to press more when
there are more then 60 items in any folder. Text under each of the items in the Full Screen Windows e.g Skins

+Skin Changes

Four new images are required in /PSP-OSS/SKINS/Skinname/WINDOWS/
Settings_Window.png, Settings_Window_Bottom.png, left.png, right.png
Take a look at them in either DARK or MacOS
And many more forgotten Features!


1. Put you PSP in USB mode.
2. Extract to the root of your memory stick.
3. Navigate to the memory stick icon under "GAME" on your PSP
4. Select PSP-OSS and press "X"
5. Enjoy!