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Air Warriors For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 01-09-2006

k_man316 has shared his initial release of Air Warriors, a basic "birds eye view" airplane shooter in the vein of one of my all time favorites, "1942". Both the standalone EBOOT and Lua Player version are included in this download, so suit up and hit the skies! He states:

This is my initial release of Air Warriors for the PSP. This was written and is powered by the amazine PSP LUA engine! I'm a big fan of shooters and wanted something that could be played on my PSP so wrote this one.

This game is you basic top down shooter for the PSP. I have tested it with LUAPlayer version 0.15 on a US PSP with 1.5 Firmware so I'm not sure of compatability with other firmware versions.


Copy the "AirWarriors 1" and AIRWAR~2% to the \PSP\GAME folder

Thank you!

-- k_man316