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Castlevania: Curse Of Darkness PS2 Trainer +6

Uploaded by CJPC - 01-06-2006

Bitmap1 has released this nice PS2 Trainer for use with Castlevania Curse Of Darkness USA PS2-ECHELON. To use the Trainer, just grab PPF-O-MATiC 3.0 and extract the SLUS_211.68 file from your iSO Image and patch it with the Trainer PPF File. Then, simply use one of the various utilities to inject (overwrite and save) the patched SLUS file back into the Image, or if you prefer rebuild your PS2 DVD Image and include it in place of the original SLUS_211.68 file when doing so. That's it- you will then be able to access the menu (pictured) upon boot-up, and you can enable/disable the options you wish using your gamepad and then press START to load the game.