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SMS (Simple Media System) v1.5 For PS2

Uploaded by CJPC - 12-29-2005

EEUG has released a nice version of his great Media Player for the PS2. A ton of additions, fixes, and changes have been made in this release as follows:

subtitles support is added for .srt (SubRip) and .sub (MicroDVD) formats. Subtitle
files are recognized automatically by file extension (.srt has precedence over
.sub) as they are located at the same place as .avi file and have the same name.
Subtitles can be switched on/off via player menu. Note that this support is rather
strict in sense that no advanced text parsing was implemented, so subtitle file must
follow specifications. In case of Subtitle error message refer displayed number as line number near the place where error condition was detected. If subtitle line is too long to fit the screen it will be splitted (by word) in two or more lines (space character is treated as word separator). Thanks to BraveDog for the research/implementation, Mr.Worm~~ for advises
and testing and mastaalien for remark about long subtitle lines;
- player menu is introduced (start button during playback);
- multi-audio support is added (if multiple sudio streams are present in the .avi file).
Note that all audio streams have to be encoded using same codec and same codec settings,
otherwise results are unpredictable . Language can be changed via player menu;
Thanks to Mr.Worm~~ for sample clip;
- SMS menu is extended with new options (circle pad button can also be used for action
(for numeric input it reverses scrolling direction));
- external font support added. Following fonts can be loaded:
- mc0:SMS/ascii.mtf - contains 96 ascii characters ( 32-127)
- mc0:SMS/latin2.mtf - contains 128 latin2 characters (128-255)
- mc0:SMS/cyrillic.mtf - contains 128 cyrillic characters (128-255)
- mc0:SMS/latin1.mtf - contains 128 latin1 characters (128-255)
- mc0:SMS/greek.mft - contains 128 greek characters (128-255)
New font can be created by 'MTKFontCreator' utility (google) (I've used version 0.6.2).
During font save select Save Mediatek Font -> 4 color comp., variable width (NEW mode).
Min height must be set to 32. During font generation Max Width and Height parameters
(displayed on the status line) must not exceed 32. No error checks etc. are performed
by SMS here, so use it very carefully and on your own risk . Probably .ini file
for that utility has to be adjusted on site in order to generate reduced character sets
(96 and 128 characters instead of 256). By changing that .ini file it's possible to
create virtually any character sets (ISO-8859-7, for instance);
- pan-scan display is implemented. By default SMS displays movie in letterbox mode
(widescreen movies are shown in full width). 3 pan-scan modes are available (via player
menu or square pad button during playback). In pan-scan mode it's possible to scroll
picture left or right using L1/R1 pad buttons (L1+R1 resets changes);
- about screen is added (L1+R1+R2+L2 pad buttons in the browser);
- ps2host.irx driver is updated (fixed DVD hang issue on some consoles);
- fixed bug (only one file can be opened) in cdvd.irx;
- playback time OSD added (cross button during playback);
- auto poweroff timer added (start counting from the moment of pad button press).
auto mode there means poweroff when movie ends;
- fixed bug mounted partition saved in the configuration when there's no partition
mounted. Thanks to JuddMan for the remark;
- audio/video and subtitle/video manual synchronization added. circle pad button
activates OSD for it and L2/R2 adjusts time delay (from -5sec to 5sec (for
subtitles from -30sec to 30sec) with 250ms interval);
- basic and primitive mp3/m3u playback support added with silly allsim demo ;
- bug fixed (sceen offset adjustment settings is saved incorrectly) - thanks to
'dave_t' for the fix;
- video timeline/scrollbar added. This option is configurable and activated by select
pad button during playback (instead of pause). The use left/ ight pad buttons
to set new time offset, start/cross pad button(s) to resume playback. Thanks to
bix64 for the implementation;
- enabled support of VESA video modes: 640x480@60Hz (select+L1 pad buttons at startup)
and 640x480@75Hz (select+L2 pad buttons at startup). Tested only with ViewSonic VX910
TFT monitor with official Sony's cable. These modes are not selectable via SMS menu to
avoid confusions ;
- fixed bug upsampler routine ( icking noise with sample rates < 48KHz);
- new bugs have been implemented ;