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Uploaded by CJPC - 12-23-2005

PSP-OSS Team has finally released their highly anticipated PSP-OSS, version 0.1 BETA. PSP-OSS is an open-source shell program for PSP. Here is some more detailed information from the ReadMe:

I've tried the shell. I should say, although it is the very first release of the program, I can feel it is well polished. The programmer(s) must have been putting a lot of effort into implementing the theme function and integrating everything into one piece. I used the UMD launching function. It was implemented by embedding FileAssistant ++ into the program. I used Ridge Racers which requires no firmware check. The game booted correctly. And when I tried to return using the HOME button, the game actually exited to the PSP-OSS shell, instead of the original PSP XMB interface. I want to say this is just great. I tried Winning Eleven 9 which requires 2.0 but doesn't necessarily need 2.0 to run, and it booted too. But unfortunately, I accidentally got kicked back to the XMB with an error message. I tried again but this error didn't happen again. Maybe a little check on the stability is needed.



Built-in audio player
MP3 and OGG support

Built-in image viewer
PNG and JPG support an resolutions up to 512x512
*EBOOT Support:

Run any EBOOT off you memory stick via the "Start Menu" (1.5 firmware)

Easily access your memory sticks files via included filebrowser
Ability to Open, Cut, Paste, Delete and Rename files
*Easy-to-use GUI:

Restart and shutdown the PSP-OSS from the desktop
Run any UMD from the desktop (excluding UMDs requiring 2.xx)
Edit your theme or background from the configuration panel
Enable/disable USB mode
Access time and date information

Look at Shortcut.ql example on the desktop. Open in a text editor
*Folder Locations for Desktop and Start Menu

Files you want on the desktop or in the start menu go in these folders
Pictures: PSP\PHOTO\

1.Put you PSP in USB mode.
2.Extract to the root of your memory stick.
3.Navigate to the memory stick icon under "GAME" on your PSP
4.Select PSP-OSS and press "X"