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MyPS2 v0.5

Uploaded by CJPC - 12-18-2005


MyPS2 is a multi-purpose tool for the PS2 and my first venture into console development. I have released v0.5 of MyPS2, current features include:

Current features of MyPS2:

- Browse pictures from HDD, CD/DVD or USB
- Thumbnail preview and image zoom
- Create and manage files and directories on HDD, Memory Cards, USB
- Recursively copy and delete directories and files
- Launch other software from HDD, MC, CD and USB
- FTP server running in the background allowing you to easily copy files
from and to your PS2
- threaded MP3 player that plays MP3s from CD, HDD or USB
- Shoutcast radio client
- Shoutcast station browser

I hope you like it