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Cryst Alise v1.0 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 11-08-2005

Durante shared his newest creation for the PSP, named Cryst Alise v1.0, which was written in Lua with some specific parts written in C. Cryst Alise includes some amazing graphics, sounds and music with a very unique style of gameplay. You play as Alis, and your mission is make the Crysts neutral. This game includes several gameplay features including a turbo bar, time bar and Nbombs.

Thanks for trying Cryst Alise. It is one of my first games to reach some level
of completion, so I'm quite proud of that. Well, on with the readme.

---- General Information

Cryst alise is an action/puzzle game for the Sony PSP.
It uses a highly modified version of LuaPlayer.
Most of the functionality is contained in about 2600 lines of Lua code,
but I implemented some fairly game-specific performance-critical methods
in C.

All images and sound effects were also made by me,
so this is programmer's art .