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Lua Player v0.12 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 10-27-2005

Shine and Nevynís LuaPlayer scripting language port to the PSP has received an update today, to version 0.12. This is a small update incorporating Duranteís true color work and more. Lua is an easy to use scripting language which allows for easy creation of on the fly PSP programs. If you havenít already noticed, many fun games have been programmed using this language and the learning curve is not very long. Changes in this release include:

- Pixel format changed to true color [Durante / Shine]
- Initial GU mapping [Shine]

The GU mapping needs to be completed (I'm feeling like a macro processor :-) perhaps someone can write some macros for it, because most functions are the same like in Lua) and perhaps wrapped in some nicer API and the blitting speed is halfed, because of the true color change, but you can still implement smooth animations with less than 60 fps with the Timer class. To enhance the speed VRAM caching of images needs to be implemented, if someone wants to do this.