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LUA Button Mashing Revolution v1.0 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 10-21-2005

youresam has released his LUA Button Mashing Revolution for the PSP, version 1.0. Button Mashing Revolution is a clone of DDR, written in Lua script language. Here is what the author want to say:

I have been working hard for about a week making a game called Button Mashing Revolution with LUA. It’s a clone of DDR, and it has the stuff you would expect; music, moving backgrounds, ‘grading’, ect. I coded it and made images, and Chris (PurePwnage) made images.


BMR is a clone of Dance Dance Revolution. arandompenguin suggested
it, so I gave it a shot. The game has 6 songs, 4 levels of difficulty, and 3 modes.


If you want to use the standalone version, simply copy the BMR and BMR% folders to
your X:/PSP/GAME/ directory. (X is your PSP drive)

If you want to use this in LuaPlayer, copy the BMR folder to
X:/PSP/GAME/luaplayer/Applications/ directory and delete the EBOOT.PBP in the
BMR folder.


If you don't know how to play, it's very simple. As the pictures of buttons come
up, try to press that button when it's right over the gray area.

Background Animation:
Stars = Show a starfield in the background
3D Cube = Show the 3D cube in the background

CONTINUE = Exit the menu
END CURRENT GAME = Stop the game and continue to the 'grading' screen
QUIT = Quit the game and return to the options screen

Random Keys, Create X = The sequence of buttons you press are created at random
and the number created is X
Unlimited = Non-stop play! To exit this mode, press START and select
'End Current Game'
Read 'keys.txt' = Read the file 'keys.txt' and create keys based on what it
it says. (For information, open the file 'keys.txt')

The Score Bar:
There is a bar at the top of the screen, it represents your score. If it fills up,
it turns white.