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PS3 Public Tools GUI Rev. B

Uploaded by PS4 News - 03-01-2011

PS3 Public Tools GUI Rev. B by Becus25.

There are two modes (developers who have installed the SDK) and non-developers)
For the first one (developers) these are the instructions:

1) Open PS3 Public Tools GUI.
2) Browse the MAKEFILE of your project.
3) After find the makefile (without closing PS3 Public Tools GUI), open your Windows cmd and go to the folder where there are the files you want to sign.
4) With the root set on cmd, type: make & make pkg
5) Open the window of PS3 Public Tools GUI and moving the mouse on the window you will see how the make button will be activated. Push it, and your self and pkg files will be signed!

For the second one (non-developers) these are the instructions (use this mode if you already have the elf, self and pkg files unsigned but compiled):

1) Open PS3 Public Tools GUI.
2) Uncheck developers option.
3) Browse your ELF file.
4) Push on the MAKE button.

NOTE: The application only will sign the self and pkgs files if they already exists. If not, the process won't be done.

More details: