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Uploaded by CJPC - 10-05-2005

C5cha7 has updated his PSP XMB application for the PSP to version 0.2b. PSP XMB is a "Shell" for the PSP that is in development. C5cha7 said: I have compiled a LUA program that is what many call a "Shell". This program is only in its baby form, but when I learn more I will be able to make more app's and game's in lua. I have been away from the PC for awhile but I have made alot of progress on the lua XMB." The updates, changes, and fixes in this version include:

* Addition of Music
* Addition of My PSP
* Addition of Games
* Misc..

Start is mainley to go
back to the xmb of a program\app.

Made from's Slasher's source and my original XMB
Code structure (FPS is abit slow because of time)
Some pic's took off PSP OSi.

Circle is select on the start menu!