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Arduino Duemilanove / Mega PL3 And Hermes v4B

Uploaded by PS4 News - 10-26-2010

Arduino Duemilanove / Mega PL3 And Hermes v4B by ricardopvz.

There are many people who doesn't know which payload to use (Hermes or PL3). So i thought, i don't we put them together?

And that's what i made. When you connect your arduino to the PS3, you can choose which payload to use by simply pressing a button or moving a switch.

You connect a button or a switch from pin 12 to 5v, and then you can select which payload to use. The led on pin 13 will go ON when PL3 is being used, if it is OFF, then Hermes is being used.

Tested with arduino duemilanove. Not tested with arduino mega.
This is only for fw 3.41.

More details: